Editors Note: This Muni Kids Thought on the State of Golf

God, family, and friends are my go-to, for support in my life, after that it is golf. Whether on the course, writing, or just talking about it I have had a passion for golf over 20 years now. I have sat in conference rooms listening to some of the smartest golf professionals talk about howContinue reading “Editors Note: This Muni Kids Thought on the State of Golf”

The Fort: Continues to Test Abilities

Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park sits 9 miles east of downtown Indianapolis. This historical and majestic 1,700 acres provides some fantastic adventures and entertainment. Avid golfers will be excited when they play the 7,200 yard par 72 championship course known as The Fort at this Indiana State Park.

New Level Golf: Performance Does Matter

Solo golf club designers that make it in the golf industry are rare. There are those who have been able to turn a solo career into an almost cult following like, Scotty Cameron and Roger Cleveland, yet these are rare. Most are able to make a decent career without reaching the heights of these two,Continue reading “New Level Golf: Performance Does Matter”

Mizuno: They Know How to Give You the Feels

Hey everybody, and welcome to our 5th episode of Talk to Me Birdie. In this episode we talk with Jeff Crawford of Mizuno. Hope you enjoy as we geek out over the new MP-20 line. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes podcast.