New Level Golf: Performance Does Matter

Solo golf club designers that make it in the golf industry are rare. There are those who have been able to turn a solo career into an almost cult following like, Scotty Cameron and Roger Cleveland, yet these are rare. Most are able to make a decent career without reaching the heights of these two,Continue reading “New Level Golf: Performance Does Matter”

Mizuno: They Know How to Give You the Feels

Hey everybody, and welcome to our 5th episode of Talk to Me Birdie. In this episode we talk with Jeff Crawford of Mizuno. Hope you enjoy as we geek out over the new MP-20 line. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes podcast.  

West is the Best: Talk to Me Birdie with VGA West Director Lucas O’Neil

Veteran Golfers Association is officially in playoff mode. This weekend the VGA West Region is playing their Regional Championship at Troon North in Scottsdale, Arizona. We were able to catch up with Lucas O’Neil, West Regional Director, and talk about the VGA and getting prepared for this playoff run. Check out our conversation below. GoodContinue reading “West is the Best: Talk to Me Birdie with VGA West Director Lucas O’Neil”

How a Father’s Motto Became a Lifestyle “Just Rip It”

As a past teaching professional and avid learner of the game there are those moments that stick out as important, getting the opportunity to speak with Andrew Hite of Just Rip It was one of those moments. Through him his dad, a PGA Professional taught me a lesson, a lesson I understood very well asContinue reading “How a Father’s Motto Became a Lifestyle “Just Rip It””