State Apparel: Competition Pant

With winter in full force, having the best gear for cold, wet weather is a must. Personally I have always found it tricky to find cold weather gear that does not bother my swing. Thanks to an article I wrote for GolfWRX in the fall, finding cold weather gear designed for the golf swing isContinue reading “State Apparel: Competition Pant”

The Putter Should Fit Your Style

Golf is an individualistic sport that in most cases the player has only themselves to applaud or be disgusted with. There is probably no other piece of equipment in the bag more individualistic then the putter. Majors have been won with multiple shaft leans such as Phil Mickelson with a strong forward press to ZachContinue reading “The Putter Should Fit Your Style”


Oregon is a beautiful state and forgotten by many of us on the east coast. Bradley Putters is helping all of us know more about the Grant Pass, Oregon area. These amazingly beautiful wooden putters are the brain child of Bradley Converse. Hope to one day meet Bradley and his group one day at theirContinue reading “INNOVATIVE PUTTERS COMING OUT OF OREGON”