MOI: Resistance to Twisting Pt.2

Twisting is absolutely the main feature of the golf swing. Your body, hands, shaft, and club head are all twisting, violently, throughout the golf swing. Golf club designers have to take these and many other variables into consideration. While the marketing departments focus mostly on the club head itself, there are two other areas toContinue reading “MOI: Resistance to Twisting Pt.2”

MOI – Heard of this? Pt 1

MOI – Heard of this? Yet another buzz word utilized by the marketing departments of the club manufacturers. And in a way how they market MOI correctly; however, there is so much more to Moment of Inertia, MOI. Moment of Inertia, in short, is the resistance to twisting. A physics definition: quantitative measure of the rotationalContinue reading “MOI – Heard of this? Pt 1”