Bringing Feel Back to the Player

Normally when I sit down to work on an article the hardest part is creating a story that, you the readers will find interesting. After my initial conversation with Garret Krynski, owner and creator of Geom Putters, I realized the hardest part for this article will be to do Garret and his purpose of startingContinue reading “Bringing Feel Back to the Player”


Disclaimer: I was not given a discount or given these pants, I purchased these at a PGA Tour Superstore. Oakley is well known for their sunglasses and their action sports apparel. Most customers, who are not golf fans, might only know about Oakley having their logo all over a hovercraft, driven by Bubba Watson, onContinue reading “OAKLEY 2.5 GOLF PANTS REVIEW”

Nerd Book Review: Foresight GC Quad

Technology has taken over everything and golf continues to expand its reach because of it. Practice, equipment fittings, and lessons are now able to be done inside of buildings or homes. Foresight is one of the companies at the forefront of this growth outside of the normal golf setting. Since their inception in 2010, ForesightContinue reading “Nerd Book Review: Foresight GC Quad”