Local Series: Classical Putters With a Geom Twist

Geom continues to build since our last conversation with Garret. The next evolution in Geom is the introduction of the “Local Series,” which is a few “classical” styled putters with some Geom twists. This time around we got the opportunity to talk with Garret and record our conversation. If you have not heard of GeomContinue reading “Local Series: Classical Putters With a Geom Twist”

Mizuno: They Know How to Give You the Feels

Hey everybody, and welcome to our 5th episode of Talk to Me Birdie. In this episode we talk with Jeff Crawford of Mizuno. Hope you enjoy as we geek out over the new MP-20 line. Check it out on Spotify and iTunes podcast.  

A True Golfer Solves Problems, with Jason Moore of True Linkswear

The well-maintained rolling hills are pure bliss as you walk satisfied that you are not climbing into the sand nor are you fishing through the water. Now you are laying your bag on the ground evaluating how you are going to make the best of your perfect positioning. As you watch your ball fly, youContinue reading “A True Golfer Solves Problems, with Jason Moore of True Linkswear”

Review: Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0 Glove

You are being offered a glove that was developed by a leading hand surgeon. Would you really turn down the opportunity to give it a try? Maybe some of you would but I would not turn this opportunity down. Bionic Glove is based out of Louisville, Kentucky best known for the Kentucky Derby. Once aContinue reading “Review: Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0 Glove”


Resources for pictures and quotes are at the end of article. Your equipment is important to your game and your confidence, and the one club that you must have the utmost confidence in to score is the PUTTER. Let’s face it we have all had that one putt which decided to lip out of theContinue reading “5 KILLER CUSTOM PUTTER ARTISANS”