500 Rounds so Far this Year, Yancy Methvien is Walking Toward the Record Books

Talk to Me Birdie Episode 3 was a fun one to put together. We learned an awful lot, but what I will remember the most with my first meeting with Yancy, is how much he is dedicated to this adventure and the fun he is having along with others. During JaVan and Yancy’s conversation youContinue reading “500 Rounds so Far this Year, Yancy Methvien is Walking Toward the Record Books”

Endo Forging

Endo forging is the forging manufacturer of many of the top forged brands in the golf industry. Who is this manufacturer? They have been forging clubs since 1977. Locations in Niigati, Japan and Thailand United States division based out of Indianapolis, Indiana Endo’s golf manufacturing goes from product development to inspection and assembly. They haveContinue reading “Endo Forging”

PXG: The Genius in the Room

” I got to thinking,” Parsons says, “suppose I started a company that would spend whatever it takes to make a good club, and wouldn’t release a new product unless it significantly outperformed whatever’s on the market.” –Markham Heid, Mens Health – The Billionaire Behind GoDaddy Is Making Some of the World’s Most Expensive GolfContinue reading “PXG: The Genius in the Room”