Select 2018 Fall Equipment Launch Pictures

As an equipment junkie I absolutely love it when new things are launched. And while yes I definitely have my biases, those who know me know them well, I get excited about launches from quite a few brands. Below are pictures of a few of the launches that have either already happened or are getting ready to happen soon. And since I have ordered the new Mizuno’s I hope to have a review of those next month sometime for you. Enjoy!

Mizuno JPX 919 Tour
Mizuno JPX 919 Forged and Hot Metal
Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge
Odyssey Red Ball
Ping iGlide Forged
Ping i210 & i500
New Srixon Soft Feel
Scotty Cameron Concept X
Titleist TS2


Oregon is a beautiful state and forgotten by many of us on the east coast. Bradley Putters is helping all of us know more about the Grant Pass, Oregon area. These amazingly beautiful wooden putters are the brain child of Bradley Converse. Hope to one day meet Bradley and his group one day at their facilities in Oregon.

Bradley Putters are not only beautiful they are also technologically advanced. Starting with their process of adding a hardener which replaces the air pockets in the wood. By replacing the air in the wood, the density is increased by 50%, which allows the putter to be unaffected by the elements. I would imagine Oregon would be a great place to test the elements.

How do these putters feel? “When a putter strikes the ball, it creates an impulse shock that distills into the natural frequencies inherent within the head. Those oscillations excite the air, producing sound, and travel up the shaft, translating into “feel”.” These putters have a fantastic soft feel that one would come to expect from a high-end putter.

Like most companies that you will see here on Form Golf, Bradley Putters provide an amazing experience behind their product once you decide to purchase a Bradley Putter you will go through these steps:

–        Work directly with Bradley via phone or email

–        Bradley will guide you through the designing process from the block of wood, style of putter, shaft and more.

–        Packages can include ball marker, repair tool and embroidered head cover

–        Updates on the process of your putter

The entire process will take up to 4 – 6 weeks to finish. To learn more about Bradley Putters visit their website: .

Bradley Converse

“Every putter we make is handmade, it’s made with love, there’s a story built into it,” he said “That’s what makes our putters unique, that’s what makes them special, that’s why people want a Bradley Putter. Every time they go on a course, and someone asks about this putter, they’re telling that story.” Behind the Process. Jake Garcia, June 28,2018


Preview Friday 8/10 Post

E1868C4B-CC3C-4FAB-9AFA-B448CAC88AFA.jpegGoing to take a look at a unique brand coming out of Oregon on Friday August 10th.

Endo Forging

Endo forging is the forging manufacturer of many of the top forged brands in the golf industry. Who is this manufacturer?

  • They have been forging clubs since 1977.
  • Locations in Niigati, Japan and Thailand
  • United States division based out of Indianapolis, Indiana

Endo’s golf manufacturing goes from product development to inspection and assembly. They have the ability to do in-house tooling based on the approved master model. Following tooling the club goes through the 1-piece precision forging process that Endo is known for. This 1-piece process is what gives the soft feel that golfers look for. Endo has three divisions Automotive, Medical, and Golf.

When Endo started to get involved in golf in 1977 they started Epon Golf Co. Epon has forged irons for the professional to the high-handicapper. Epon provides high end custom forged equipment which are found at select fitters. If you want to find out more about Epon visit

“For us, a golf club is not just a tool. It is a part of a players body, transmitting his or her intentions and strength to the ball. We have always insisted that forging is the only way to make the sort of head that can do that.” Endo Manufacturing Co. Ltd.


Published: 7/27/18 Bryan Montgomery

Tips, Lessons, or Coached?

How do you want to learn?

There are three different ways that students use lessons. Those three are tips, lessons, or being coached. For long term success being coached is the best way out of the three. However, as some have pointed out to me not all have the time, desire, or money to be coached. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of all three.



–          Little time used

–          Can acquire extensive knowledge of many different application theories


–          Is not a great way to improve

–          Will not learn what their issues of their own swing is very easily

–          Very low percentage of actual improvement

Tips are a great tool for gaining snippets of theory. The major issue is that a tip is not a replacement of an evaluation of a student’s own personal swing. I have studied tips since I was very young and still do. However, I use them for learning opportunities and not something to be practiced with my own swing.



Opportunity to learn changes that are necessary

–          Can make temporary changes with the proper amount of practice there is a chance to make permanent

–          Less time and money when compared to coached

–          Learning and working on application of own personal swing


–          hard to take a single or even 5 lessons and make a swing change permanent

–          student and instructor don’t get the time to fully get to know how the student learns

Lessons are great for a student to learn what their personal swing advantages and flaws are. With some lessons the student even have the opportunity to try and make improvements to their game. Remember though that it takes many repetitions and the correct repetitions to make a change permanent. This is true for many things not just the golf swing. So a few lessons is a start towards making a student a more knowledgeable, and better golfer.



–          Opportunity to fully understand how to make the swing permanent

–          Ability to focus on scoring clubs in more detail

–          Coach and student have opportunity to understand how to work together

–          Scoring or handicap typically gets better


–          Takes a lot of time

–          Costs more money than the others

–          Coach and student relationship might not work

If the desire of the student is to greatly improve, being coached is the best of the three. This is not for all since this does take time. Coaching allows for time outside of the normal full swing or short game lessons. This also allows for on course opportunities and many other specialty lessons.

I have worked with all three. They all have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Not only does students have their own personal swings but they also have their own way of learning the swing. The question is: Do you desire understanding theory, understand how to get better, or how to maximize your abilities? And you can be all three at one point or another.

Posted by: Bryan Montgomery 3/14/16