Family is my Life – Golf is my Passion

For the past ten years I have worked with numerous students advance their game. From beginners who have never picked up a club to 25 handicapers who want some consistency and a few professional golfers.

My focus has always been how does your body move throughout the swing. Because of personal back issues I have worked with a renown Kinesiologist and learned even more about the body. There are abilities that we have yet to tap into because of our limitations. The knowledge of these limitations and coaching you through these, I am confident you will have a swing that is more consistent and matches your physical abilities.

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For collaboration or ambassador opportunities, feedback, or questions please feel free to contact me at bryanamontgomery@yahoo.com

Quick Portfolio Info:

8,000+ Lessons taught

5,000+ Custom Fittings

Graduated from Eastern Kentucky University PGA Golf Management program 2011

Elected in PGA Membership in 2012

Helped start GolfTEC Louisville in 2012

Creator of several nonprofit golf tournaments

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