A True Golfer Solves Problems, with Jason Moore of True Linkswear

The well-maintained rolling hills are pure bliss as you walk satisfied that you are not climbing into the sand nor are you fishing through the water. Now you are laying your bag on the ground evaluating how you are going to make the best of your perfect positioning. As you watch your ball fly, you realize that you have hit the perfect shot, and unlike your buddy, who is stuck in the sand that protects the front of the green, you will be on the green with a great opportunity at finishing your day with a birdie. Thank goodness, because this entire day has been nothing but snapping-clubs awful. And yet here you are walking off the last hole with a birdie and all smiles. Before you go to the parking lot, you remember to run in and grab your tennis shoes out of the locker room and drop off your golf shoes. That way you do not have to tell your parents that you left your shoes at the course.

For most of us who grew up prior to 2008, this was a common occurrence if you did not want to wear your tennis shoes out on the course, which I will be honest, I did that plenty of times.

It was an absolute pleasure to get an opportunity to talk with True Linkswear’s, Jason Moore. He was such a great guy to talk with and the beginning of our conversation reminded me a lot of the times I just described above. Golf shoes in general have not been known for being comfortable, useful outside of the golf course, nor that inventive, outside of placing cleats on the bottom of a dress shoe. No one would understand that better than a former caddie.



Jason Moore caddied for his brother, Ryan Moore, on Tour for five years. With all of the practice rounds, practice sessions, pro-am events, and Tour events they both had plenty of experience with what qualified as a good shoe. He was pretty honest with me and told me that they were all pretty terrible, which is why you would see him wearing tennis shoes out on the course. While they grew up playing golf at their dads’ facility and on the range in Tacoma, Washington getting into the shoe industry was not a part of their plans.

An opportunity arose where Jason could be a part of creating a golf shoe that was not only comfortable to wear on the course but looked good off the course. 10 years ago, True Linkswear began.


Back to the time of playing golf while growing up, my golf shoes when I was 15 were white and brown oxford saddle shoes with the new style plastic cleats. I mean what kid wants to run around in white and brown oxfords? Yeah, golf has come a long way in a short amount of time. There was a huge drawback if you decided to wear tennis shoes, they would get very slick in wet conditions especially in the tall weeds and the bunker areas. So, I asked Jason how they were able to create a shoe that not only would perform on the golf course but also work in the everyday life where we could possibly run into some slick concrete.

It’s funny because he called their process “selfish innovation,” because they were really trying to solve their own issues with the shoes in the golf industry and in the process they ended up solving a lot of golfers issues. Their solution:

  • Mountaineering and Hiking technology

Think about it for a second. The idea that mountaineers or hikers would not have a shoe that was both comfortable and worked in hazardous conditions is preposterous. There is hundreds of years’ worth of R&D behind mountaineering and hiking shoes. Jason and True took old technology and moved it over to an old game. It really is quite ingenious to look outside of the golf industry for answers as it seems most companies have failed to do this.


Like we talked last week in, How a Father’s Motto Became a Lifestyle, “Just Rip It,” golfers have a desire to show off their sport outside of the links while at the same time they want to look good doing it. After solving the issue of comfortability for long walks and in all environments, True focused on solving the issue of owning a pair of ugly golf shoes that were only good for the course.

Jason and the group at True were motivated by providing a shoe that their customers would love and enjoy on and off the golf course. Their shoes are designed so you can enjoy the game of golf while walking the links in comfort and to look good on and off the course.


Over the ten years of being in operation True has learned the inner workings of the trade both bad and the good. Today they are stronger than ever, and if I do say so myself, they nailed the look of a lifestyle shoe one that I most definitely wear on and off the golf course. True now operates on their own fate and manages their sales direct through their online store and through some select facilities in which they manage. This has allowed them to take care of the customer more direct and also provide their employees with a stable and great work environment.

Jason has seen great things over the years particularly here in 2019 with great sales and some amazing feedback from the consumers. If you have never tried or heard of True Linkswear Jason wants you to know this about them:

” True will liberate you from the bondage of “normal” golf shoes and allow you to enjoy the walk moving forward.”

Head on over to True Linkswear and check this stuff out for yourself and bring home some great shoes that most will not know are golf shoes. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with new products.



It was an absolute pleasure to get the opportunity and talk with Jason Moore, Partner & Creative Director about True and some of their adventures. My hope is that we will stay in contact as he displays the definition of an artisan for the golfer’s lifestyle.



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Golf is our passion and we strive to be your place to keep up with the artisans and brands who truly represent the golfer’s lifestyle on and off the golf course.

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Until Next Time, Enjoy!


Resources: Pictures are from Truelinkswear.com, True Linkswear social media, and Zibio


Published by Bryan Montgomery

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