Review: Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0 Glove


You are being offered a glove that was developed by a leading hand surgeon. Would you really turn down the opportunity to give it a try? Maybe some of you would but I would not turn this opportunity down.


Bionic Glove is based out of Louisville, Kentucky best known for the Kentucky Derby. Once a year the world descends on this city with its twin spires and watch the horses make a mad dash to win the first leg of the Triple Crown. There is so much more in the town of Louisville, including Valhalla Golf Club and the Kleinhart Kutz Hand Care Center, which is named after renown Orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Kleinhart. Dr. James Kleinhart is the reason that Bionic Glove exist to this day. He created padding in certain stress points and in the valleys of the human hand to relieve the pressure necessary to grip with the glove.


What does Bionic say about their brand new glove?



¨ Achieve a lighter, better grip – Strategically placed patented anatomical relief pad system helps even out the surface of your hand.

¨ Shoot straighter and more accurately -The double row finger grip system, helps improve grip strength by adding more contact to the club.

¨ Reduced hand fatigue – Patented pre-rotated finger design complements the natural closure of the hand.


¨ Enjoy better range of motion, fit and feel – Lycra gussets alongside web and motion zones that help minimize bunching of material.

¨ Simple and quick removal with our easy grab-tab.


¨ Improved moisture control is provided by Terrycloth micro-pads inside the gloves.

¨ Maximum breathability is achieved with Lycra motion and web zones.


¨ Increased elasticity and durability achieved with high-grade Japanese synthetic honey comb back and synthetic.

¨ Cool sleek look with the new high-tech embossed honey comb material.



Today each section is worth 1 1/4 points so that we can reach our standard 5 point system.

  1. Will the glove last the test of time?
  2. Is the glove comfortable?
  3. Does it allow for your hands to breathe?
  4. Is the grip strong even under moisture?


It was not until my junior year of high school, that I read my first book about golf instruction. This book would set me up for a lifetime of information, to which I still study to this day. Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons is a simple yet comprehensive book, completely personifying who Ben Hogan seemed to be. In this book one of the most important lessons was about how to grip a club. When you learn how to grip a club as Ben Hogan teaches, the club will be in the fingers and not in the palm of your hands. This action alone puts your club in a much stronger position. One in which you may find yourself not wearing through gloves like your companions.

With the proper technique and Bionics material these gloves could theoretically last me close to 30 rounds and numerous practice sessions. This is about three times longer then a standard glove which will normally last approximately 10 rounds with practice sessions.

Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0: Full Point 1/4


My very first Bionic golf glove was a little over 10 years ago. It was one of their first golf gloves and I was excited to try this glove out. My purpose for trying a glove that was touted as a glove for those with weak hands or arthritis is simple math. I have had the opportunity to do a hand strength test and while I have a very strong grip, initially my smaller fingers fatigue quicker than someone with longer fingers and the same grip strength. The Bionic glove was great for this because it eliminated some of the pressure needed to hold on to a club during a swing. The opportunity to go back and try Bionic Gloves again was great as I have been looking, yet again to get into a glove that will allow me to practice more hours without my hand strength wearing down.

There is not another glove on the market that I have tried when it comes to the comfort that a Bionic Glove brings.

Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0: Full Point, 1/4


While I loved my first Bionic glove the one issue I did have was man was it hot. The padding and the material used on the glove did not allow for your hands to breathe and this caused your hands to sweat quickly. I got the opportunity of trying this glove out during the two week stint we get here in Indiana, when Louisiana sends their hell to us and we have 90+ temperatures along with a stupid amount of humidity. The Relaxgrip did extremely well with allowing my hands to breathe this time around and handled the heat fairly well. They are not as good as maybe some other gloves are at this, but their other attributes well out way the fact that they are not as thin and light as other gloves.

Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0: Full Point


As someone who sweats a lot my biggest issues with a glove continues to be having a good grip on the club even with a glove on. Most of the time once a glove gets wet they start to get extremely slick and no longer have a good grip on the club. So yes, I have been known to wear rain gloves in the middle of summer to keep this from being an issue. And testing out this glove in the middle of summer was absolutely perfect. The Relaxgrip 2.0 is by far the best glove at handling this issue I have tried. For good measure I even wore the glove in between shots and still had a good grip on the clubs with the gloved hands.

Bionic Relaxgrip 2.0: Full Point, 1/4


4 3/4 out of 5

In full disclosure I knew that I was going to love this glove way before I joined #teambionic. The part that I was very excited about with this new glove; however, was that they have made some great upgrades with the placement of the lycra on the fingers. This allows for the glove to fit snug but comfortable while also giving your hands an ability to breathe. I would suggest anyone out there to pick up a Bionic glove for play.

If you are a tournament player and have to stick 100% to the USGA rules you will want to also have the Performancegrip, Performancegrip Pro, and Aquagrip in the bag as these are the models which are conforming to the rules of golf. As for the Relaxgrip 2.0 you will need to have an approved doctors reason to utilize this glove in USGA play.

To learn more about Bionic Gloves read: Built by a Louisville Icon or feel free to reach out to me. You can also learn more at Bionic Glove and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Until Next Time, Enjoy!

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