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Your equipment is important to your game and your confidence, and the one club that you must have the utmost confidence in to score is the PUTTER. Let’s face it we have all had that one putt which decided to lip out of the hole and make us fall to our knees because of the tragedy that was just inflicted on our mindset.

There are so many options when it comes to a putter:

  • Swing path – straight back to straight through, slight arc, heavy arc
  • Grip – Standard, Left Hand Low, Claw, Split Hand, Arm Lock, Broomstick Grip
  • Length – 33″ all the way to 52″
  • Grips – pistol, standard, flat, midsize, jumbo, and a whole lot in between
  • Head Style – Blade, Peripheral Weighting, Mallet
  • Material – steel, copper, wood, plastic, and plethora of other materials utilized
  • Manufacture Process – Milled or Cast
  • Offset and Shaft Position – From standard one shaft offset plumber neck to center shafted there are many variations in between.

So how do you decide on what fits you the best? That is the million dollar question isn’t it. Typically my professional side tells you to go and get a lesson or get fit; however, I do have the belief that confidence and comfort can not always be measured. So in the tech age where you can measure everything first – GO FOR FEEL. If you are looking for feel and possibly a little flare there are five companies I would suggest taking a look at first. They are all designed and built by artisans who understand their craft well and provide you the golfer with some of the most unique and coolest products on the market.




Brought to you from our northern neighbor, Canada, Garret Krynski of Geom Putters is all about feel. Geom Putters is a fairly new company in the industry, but is based off the premise of providing the golfer with strong geometrical sight lines, lowering MOI, and providing feel as your feedback for a great strike. If you are like me and love the feel of your blade irons and desire that same feedback in your putter, Geom is absolutely the way too go.

Customization is the name of the game here. Geom putters specializes in providing you with a blade layout or a square mallet layout and you work with Garrett on the shaping that would best fit your eye and give you the best feel. Much like National Custom irons you have a product that is custom to your eye that will provide you with feel that you can not find anywhere else.

If you would like to learn more about Geom, check out Form Golf’s article: Bringing Feel Back to the Player. Visit Geom’s website or follow on Instagram or Facebook.



Lamb Crafted is probably the most popular brand on this list and has quite the following on social media. Coming to you from Texas, Tyson makes his amazing artistic pieces in what he calls a small shop. In his own words, “To quote Dudley Moore from the movie Arthur, “Rhode Island would kick the crap out of us in a war.” We are talking small!

Customization and art come together here and when you contact them for a custom piece you will talk with the artisans who are going to have their hands on your unique tool themselves. When it comes to milling and working with metal this group is one of the best.

Learn more at Lamb Crafted and follow them on Instagram. 



Hailing from Arizona, LaMont Mann is the artisan who is crafting these amazing pieces of work. He prides himself on the product being 100% USA made from the metal billets which he crafts into these works of art to the head covers used to protect these putters. He has a fantastic ability to go from a clean look like you see above to something with more detail work.

If you are starting to realize the thing that separates these companies on this list is your ability to actually talk with the artisans that will build your custom piece. Mann Krafted is no different as you will be in contact by phone, email, or even text on what you desire and then continued communication as the building process continues.

It is obvious that Mann takes his art seriously. Check out Mann Krafted and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.



Yet another artisan coming from the west coast, Logan Olson’s shop is located in Northern California. These pieces of art are not only for you to stick on the wall to look at, Logan has crafted these products for you to utilize on the golf course with optimal performance being the goal. The work is hard to not just look at and respect the time it took to work such great designs into a piece of metal.

His designs are completely custom designed with four material being utilized on the builds including: 303 stainless steel, high carbon steel, brass, and copper. If you are looking at learning more, check out Logan’s page at Olson Manufacturing or follow him on Instagram.



Kronos hails from Oceanside, California. Kronos Golf artistry and attention to detail has become well known throughout putter enthusiast groups. They specialize in finding the Pure Balance Center of Gravity by utilizing “Solid billets of metal, no casting, no welding, no stamping, no shortcuts. KRONOS minimizes imprecision by superior design and superior execution.http://www.kronosgolf.com

This group of highly experience artisans were brought together by Phillip Lapuz of Carlsbad, California and Eric Williams of Phoenix, Arizona. If you would like to learn more visit Kronos Golf and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Form Golf focuses on the brands that make up the golf industry and Indiana golf. If you would like to follow for future posts please signup at the bottom of this post. Please share, like, comment, and follow at FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Until Next Time, Enjoy!


RESOURCES: http://www.mannkrafted.com, http://www.kronosgolf.com, http://www.olson-mfg.com, http://www.lambcrafted.com, http://www.geomputters.com

Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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