500 Rounds so Far this Year, Yancy Methvien is Walking Toward the Record Books

Talk to Me Birdie Episode 3 was a fun one to put together. We learned an awful lot, but what I will remember the most with my first meeting with Yancy, is how much he is dedicated to this adventure and the fun he is having along with others. During JaVan and Yancy’s conversation you will learn why he started this crazy adventure to break the world record for rounds played, 878, what it takes physically and mentally to keep this crazy run going, and a great conversation between these two Veterans about what it means to be a Veteran and taking care of your own.

Yancy is doing this for so many people besides himself and he mentions quite a few people that have helped him along the way. I hope that you listen to this and get a great feeling from this story. I know I have and I look forward to following him on the remainder of his journey and helping bring attention to what and why he is doing this as much as I possibly can. -Bryan-

Please enjoy the 3rd episode of Talk to Me Birdie with Bryan and Javan and our guest Yancy Methvien.


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