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VUGA Brands

Just another niche brand, VUGA is not, they have a purpose and knowledge that will help them in the golf and lifestyle apparel market. VUGA Brands was started by industry veteran Chris Engel, who has worked almost every segment in the apparel manufacturing process throughout his career. Their products are designed for performance while also looking clean and sharp. In their own words:

“VUGA clothing and accessories are designed for maximum performance embracing classic versatile style. We emphasize everyday sophistication — on the golf course, on the town, in the office and great outdoors. The VUGA brand represents superb craftsmanship, comfort and the highest quality fabrics. We encourage you to become a part of our lifestyle.” VUGA Brands


The opportunity to test out an article of clothing is always thrilling and that was exceptionally true with VUGA. Not only do I like to see if a brand is actually producing what they are marketing but I also like to get an opportunity and share that information with you the readers. I received the Graham Vertical Stripe Polo a little while ago and have had the opportunity to wear it in multiple situations outside of just the golf course.

First we are going to see what VUGA has to say about their polo:


Below is taken directly from VUGA’s website:

Make a statement while staying cool and comfortable with the Graham vertical stripe polo. Constructed from proprietary blend fabric that features moisture-wicking anti-odor and four-way stretch. Finished with contrast internal collar stand and placket, four-button set-on placket and open sleeve.

Fabric Description & Content
92% Polyester/8% Spandex, 4-way stretch 190 g/m2, anti-microbial moisture wicking.



When I first started actually reviewing products I was all over the place with how I reviewed. That was not fair for the brand I was reviewing or for the brands that are being compared. I have a 5 point system that allows me to keep an honest system for all reviews.

  1. How does the polo stand the test of time?
  2. Is the polo comfortable in the weather? This case heat.
  3. Does the polo aesthetically stand out?
  4. Does the polo allow for freedom of motion?
  5. Does the polo stay tucked in?

FullSizeRender (1)


Admittedly, I have not had the Graham Polo for too long. But with my household it is not too difficult to find out if something is going to last a fairly long time. The part that impressed me the most was when I was out in the heat and I went to wipe my face with my shirt sleeve the material did not stretch out of shape. This is a habit of mine that I have had for most my life and I have ruined plenty of sleeves because of this habit.

I will specifically stay away from brands whose collars become misshaped and I have to utilize an iron to try and fix the shape after every wash. The Graham Polo went through a few wash cycles and I have had no issues with the collar.

Vuga Graham Polo gets a full point here.


I was not sure if the weather was going to cooperate with me on this one at first and then it got hot and humid fast. When I first got the polo out of the bag and put it on, the polo felt a little heavy, especially for a shirt that was supposed to stay cool and feel comfortable. The polo is very comfortable when you put it on, it might be a little heavier than some of the brands in its category, think Peter Millar, but honestly you can barely feel that it is on. There were three days that I specifically checked the weather when I wore the polo: 92, 96, and 89 all with high humidity. It almost has the cooling feel of when the wind goes through a cotton shirt and yet you don’t get that wet feeling. It moves to the top when it comes to what I am wearing when it is hot outside.

VUGA Graham Polo gets 3/4 of a point here.


A brand does not have to aim at being flashy for their apparel to aesthetically stand out. VUGA Brands is doing a great job of showing exactly how to have a classic style and yet stand out. The versatility of a classic polo like the navy blue Graham Vertical Stripe Polo is great with a pair of golf pants or going casual with a pair of jeans. I have had people ask what kind of polo I was wearing a few times and that is verification enough on whether the polo stands out or not.

VUGA Graham Polo gets a full point here.


Nothing drives me crazier than making a swing while feeling constricted in the shoulders because the polo was cut without taking motion of the arms into consideration. And trust me there are plenty of major brands who have this issue. This is not an issue with the Graham Polo, I honestly felt like I was not wearing a shirt at times it moved so well with all of my movements. I never had a moment where I felt like my shirt was keeping me from making a full swing.

VUGA Graham Polo gets a full point here.


You are going to need to really know how to design a shirt to pass this test with me. Most shirts and polos that I have owned or tried on are too short or they don’t stay tucked in while I am walking around, let alone when swinging a golf club. There are only a few that have passed this test, the Graham Polo is now one of the few. This shirt really did surprise me with its ability to keep up with the movements that I put it through.

VUGA Graham Polo gets a full point here.



In conclusion if I were to have a closet of VUGA polo shirts you would not get any complaints from me. The Graham Vertical Strip Polo earned the second highest rating that I have done to date with a 4.75 out of 5. I would highly recommend taking a look at VUGA Brands to my fellow golfers.

I do not rate based on the cost of an item because there are reasons on why a product is set at a certain price point. Some of the reasons include cost of operations, status, or desired target market. I would compare VUGA to a Peter Millar when it comes to price point and expectation of a quality product.


Graham Vertical Stripe Polo – Navy Blazer


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Until Next Time, Enjoy!

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