Bionic Glove: Built by a Louisville Icon


When most people think about Louisville, Kentucky normally it is either about Louisville Slugger or the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Not that I blame anyone, being someone who has lived there those are two of the highlights of the town. Hard to miss the 120-foot baseball bat that sits outside the Louisville Slugger Museum since 1995.

Few know that Hillerich & Bradsley, who owned Louisville Slugger until 2015, also helped innovate the golf glove industry. Bionic Gloves is a collaboration between H&B and world renown hand surgeon, Dr. Jim Kleinhart. Before leaving his practice, Dr. Kleinhart performed over 10,000 hand surgeries and personally trained over 300 hand surgeons. H&B first approached Dr. Kleinhart to help advance the technology and fit of their baseball and hockey gloves. Their collaboration was the start of Bionic Glove in 2002. Today we will talk about their golf gloves; however, they also make gloves for:

  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Gardening
  • Racquetball
  • Driving
  • Tennis
  • Equestrian
  • Motorcycle
  • Winter



There is not another glove in the market like the Bionic Glove. Dr. Kleinhart designed a glove that is based directly on the anatomy of the hand, what makes Bionic so different then any other golf glove?

The Bionic Glove utilizes an anatomical relief pad system that provides the user with a glove that will help the user from hurting. “The high points of the bone rub against tools and equipment and cause blisters, calluses and hand fatigue.” With the use of strategically placed pads, the hand no longer has hills and valleys helping the user to have a greater grip force with less effort. Helping keep fatigue at bay while keeping your hand clean of blisters and calluses.


While most gloves are designed with straight fingers when your palm is wide open. Dr. Kleinhart designed a glove where the pinky and forefinger are actually “pre-rotated” to fit with their natural inward movement when closing your hand. By doing this he designed a glove that will flow naturally with your movement rather then being constrained. Also utilizing a stretchable and breathable material known as Lycra over the knuckles and between the fingers, allows for natural unimpeded movement of the hand. While this is not a unique technology in the glove market it is the placement and amount of material that separates Bionic.


There is some information that has gone around the web that ALL Bionic Gloves are nonconforming with USGA rules. This is not true, three of their gloves are conforming without an exception, (we will get to that in a second).

  1. Performancegrip Pro
  2. Performancegrip
  3. Aquagrip

And one glove is conforming when 14-3 exception 1 is at play. 14-3 exception provides that a player is not in breach of (artificial devices, unusual equipment, and unusual use of equipment) if a) the equipment or device is designed for or has the affect of alleviating a medical condition, (b) the player has a legitimate medical reason to use the equipment or device, and (c) the Committee is satisfied that its use down not give the player any undue advantage over other players.

  1. Stablegrip

Bionic Glove is one of the few, if not the only, glove that is designed with natural anatomy of the hand in mind. Over the next few weeks look out for my review on the Relaxgrip 2.0 here on Form Golf. In the meantime, look at their lineup below and visit Bionic Gloves.



Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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