Bringing Feel Back to the Player

Normally when I sit down to work on an article the hardest part is creating a story that, you the readers will find interesting. After my initial conversation with Garret Krynski, owner and creator of Geom Putters, I realized the hardest part for this article will be to do Garret and his purpose of starting Geom justice. And that is where we are going to start, the purpose and inspiration behind Geom Putters.


” A New Line in Putting”


Garret’s inspiration for starting Geom is fantastic especially for those looking for more feel with their putter. I believe explaining his inspiration is best left in his own words:

” Short answer, “forged blade irons” I saw what National Custom, Don White, was doing with forged iron “blanks” and I realized this process could work perfectly for putters.

In the National Custom model, essentially, the player chooses the muscle profile and the shape they’d like to see on the irons. Together, as a collaboration, they talk about the type of player, stroke and feel they’d like to achieve, and then they go and build that SPECIFIC TOOL with all that conversation and information in hand.

So we went about creating a steel “blank” with 35-65 g of discretionary weight and used that as the catalyst for designing a blade putter IN CONSULTATION with the player. The “blank” is exactly as I sketched at first. A trapezoidal, geometric shape that resembles a putter with a few key “Geom” touches baked into them. The “steel blank” is a blank canvas for the player.”

Garret spoke with multiple putter builders and designers about his desired design and was turned down by all. He quickly realized he was going to have to build his design himself. While there are some fantastic craftsman in the industry, they were not able to make it or financially did not make sense. With this realization, Garret purchased 250 lbs of mild carbon steel and went to shaping his design with an angle grinder.



So what was Garret striving for that brought about the creation of GEOM Putters? This takes us back to a subject I have wrote about, Moment of Inertia. Normally MOI is a subject that is talked about with drivers, woods, and irons; however, recently it has become a topic of conversation with putters. Just a month ago had an interview about Why We Should Care About MOI? with Odysseys Chief Putter Designer, Austie Rollinson. The point he was delivering was that the greater the MOI, the less the torque at impact, which means more forgiveness. There is a fall back to obtaining more forgiveness, a loss of feel.

The loss of feel because of the high MOI being obtained is exactly what bothered Garret and is the premise behind the start of Geom Putters. Just like the amazing feel you get when you stripe a blade, Geom Putters are built on the same ideals. How did Garret bring feel back into the putter?

“The idea is that we stop taking the mass away from behind the ball and put it exactly where it can exert the most influence on the ball. Right behind the ball. So on our blade putters, we’ve made the “Prismetric Muscle Pad.” It’s an area of solid steel behind the face that has a peak directly behind the CG of the putter, which is directly behind where the ball should be lined up. It’s “prismetric” because it’s geometric (trapezoidal), but also its peak divides the light like a prism. That provides a subtle but super effective visual alignment aid at address.

On our mallet blank, that mass is organized into a pyramid. Again directly behind the ball, directly behind the CG.”


Garret Krynski aspired to utilize clean line, geometric shaping, while providing the player with the ability to choose: what fits their eye, weight, and material they like. A blank that utilizes a trapezoidal, geometric shape with waffle faced grooves is provided for the player to consult with Garret about THEIR putter.

Geom is derived from the word “geometric” and their tagline “”A New Line in Putting” pays homage to the idea of Geometric exploration.” Garret Krynski

Geom Putters are not going to be the most forgiving putters with the CG located directly behind the ball creating a much lower MOI. Just like a blade when you make contact with that sweet spot, there will be nothing else that will feel so pure.

Geom Putters can be found at: and on instagram: @geomputters 

Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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