Disclaimer: I was not given a discount or given these pants, I purchased these at a PGA Tour Superstore.


Oakley is well known for their sunglasses and their action sports apparel. Most customers, who are not golf fans, might only know about Oakley having their logo all over a hovercraft, driven by Bubba Watson, on a golf course.


While that was a really cool publicity stunt for both Bubba and Oakley, I would hate to see many of these out on a golf course, and Oakley has so much more to offer those who love the game of golf. If you were to look in my closet you would find Oakley polos, couple short sleeve button downs, couple long sleeve button downs, and about five pairs of golf pants. All of which I have purchased over the past few years.

Today’s review focuses on last years 2.5 Golf Pants. Oakley has newer golf pants on the market now, but to do a proper review on the lifetime I had to wait and see how they lasted.


Below is directly from Oakley’s website:

The Take Golf Pants 2.5 feature two-way stretch woven fabrication and vented hems for a modern fit that responds to your every move from tee to green. Moisture-wicking fabric lifts sweat away from your skin to keep you cool and dry. Finished with logo details up front and in back, these Oakley golf pants provide sharp athletic style on the course.

  • O Hydrolix™ fabric manages moisture and dries quickly to help keep you comfortable
  • Stretch fabric delivers a fit that moves with you
  • Multiple pockets offer convenient storage
  • Regular fit
  • 94% Nylon, 6% Spandex
  • Imported


When it is time for me to purchase a new pair of golf pants I am much more picky here then I am with any other article of clothing. I am not sure if your golf pants are only for the golf course, but that is not the case for me, as they better be able to handle the golf course, running around town with the kids, and looking good for meetings. So how do I rate pants:

  1. How do they stand the test of time?
  2. Are they comfortable in the heat?
  3. Do they aesthetically stand out?
  4. Are they light and flexible?
  5. Do they help keep the shirt tucked in?


Okay, so everything has a shelf life and that is understandable, but if I am going to spend $75+ on a pair of pants they better last longer then those I can acquire for under $50. Oakley’s 2.5 Pants absolutely pass this test, as they are still looking fresh and clean 18 months later. In fact the other Oakley pants I own have also done fairly well against the test of time.

Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants get a full point here.


I am the crazy dude who is going to be wearing pants at all times and this includes when it is 90 degrees outside. The 2.5 pants vented and wicking technologies are fantastic. They are the best pants that I can find in my price range that handle the heat, there are some that are lighter and better vented but most of those will cost you quite a bit of money.

Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants get 3/4 a point here.


Some of you out there might not like the Oakley, O, just below the front left pocket. That particular branding is what first enticed me to try a pair of Oakley’s in the first place. Most of the time your fellow golfers would have no clue what brand you are wearing unless asked. The Oakley branding is classy and can still be wore in a professional setting.


Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants get a full point here.


There are other golf pants on the market that are lighter, but the 2.5’s are not heavy by any means and they are in a good price range. I continue to purchase Oakley’s because they do not feel like you are being constricted while you are walking the golf course, hitting a 300 yard bomb, or sitting in the board room. These pants are extremely comfortable.

Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants get 3/4 of a point here.


If there is one area where Oakley needs to really work on their design it would be on the waistband. I have not had any issues with my shirt coming untucked while just doing everyday normal life, the golf course is a different story. The golf swing is harsh and has a lot of moving pieces and when I am wearing my Oakley pants I have to re-tuck my shirt a few times throughout a round of golf.

Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants get 1/4 of a point here.


If I were to rate Oakley 2.5 Golf Pants on their website I would award them with a 5 star. On my blog I am not just going to hand out fives all over the place. There has only been one product which I have given a full 5 points to as of yet, even my beloved Mizuno S18 Wedges received a 4.5 rating.

If you take the points from the five categories that are graded you will see that the rating for Oakley’s 2.5 Golf Pants is a solid 3.75/5. Like I said I own five pairs of Oakley pants, so obviously I like them.

Check out Oakley’s Website for some great gear!


Resources: oakley.com

Published by Bryan Montgomery

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