Mizuno S18 Wedges

Mizuno spends a majority of their time and money on their quality and Research and Development. Known best for their premium irons it is amazing that their wedges are very rarely talked about as a top tier wedge. Their S18s were introduced to market the fall of 2017. Keeping with their commitment to the player the S18 wedge is available in lofts from 46-62 degrees and in three colors; satin, gunmetal, and blue ion. Lets take a closer look at Mizuno’s S18 wedges.


For a company who puts much focus on their technology and feel, there are high expectations from their core customers to not only talk the talk, but to also walk the walk. So what does Mizuno say about their S18 wedges:



I have played forged wedges for most of my golfing career with a few exceptions. When Cleveland went to the Rotex wedge and stopped making the 588 Forged I acquired a set; however, after a few rounds I went back to my 588’s. For me I am looking for a soft feel on my short shots versus a click feeling. Personally I have yet to hit a non forged club that did not, “click” on a short pitch shot. I have played Mizuno irons since I was in college, and like most I did not bag their wedges. This changed when I obtained a 50.07, 55.13, 60.06 of Mizuno’s S18 wedges.

Grading wedges is not just about feel, it is very much about performance as well. There are three shots with each wedge that I specifically grade performance on:

  1. 1/2 shot
  2. 3/4 shot
  3. full shot

The S18 wedges are made out of 1025 Boron, to provide some strength to a grain flow forged product. I have experience with the feel of Boron equipment with my JPX 919 Forged irons (review to come one day). So how did these wedges perform:

  • Not as soft as my old Miura wedges
  • Liked the feel and performance over my 588 wedges
  • No “click” feeling on any shot
  • Forgiving toe section especially on the higher lofts
  • Amazing spin control
  • Distance Control on the three graded shots were on point for each wedge


In short yes, marketing for the S18 wedges is accurate, in my experience and testing. While they only have four months on them, the face and the grooves seem to be holding out much better then my past wedges. As I mention above I love the spin control I obtain from the 50 to the 60. One suprise was the full 60, and I fully admit the movement of the weight creating a thicker top line is the reasoning. My least favorite wedge shot has always been the full 60; however, with the S18 wedges I never had the issue of hitting a floater with no control of distance or spin that I have had my entire golfing career with the 60 degree.


If I must pick on a couple things with these wedges it would have to be:

  • Not a traditional look
  • Thick top line, especially on the 60 degree
  • No raw finish option

The top line is one of the hardest things for me to get use to, but I have ripped the band aid off as acquiring the 919 Forged irons I am having to get use to a thicker top line across the entire set. It is very much worth it when you see the performance though.

I give the S18 Wedge a solid 4.5 out of 5 rating. An absolute must for those in the market for a wedge.


Visit your local PGA Fitter for to get a proper fit for your Mizuno. To take a look at other products check out Mizunos website.

Published by Bryan Montgomery

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