This Fathers Day weekend was absolutely fantastic. And I am not going to lie, watching the U.S. Open in the evening was a fantastic change of pace. Gary Woodland held his ground with nerves of steel on his way to winning his first major with some flare on the 18th hole.

Take a drive up the scenic California coast line from Pebble Beach Golf Links to 3108 articlemainpictureFillmore St., San Francisco in the historic Cow Hollow/ Marina district and you will find yourself standing in front of State Apparels Store and Urban Clubhouse. If you are lucky you might run into Jason Yipp, the owner and creator of State Apparel. He is the utmost expert at designing high quality golf functional attire. State Apparels most recent launch is a fantastic example of this, taking a classic bomber jacket and making it functional for the golf swing.


Jason started State Apparel in 2013 with the emphasis on functional golf attire that is designed for the weather they see in the bay area. The weather at Pebble Beach this past weekend is a perfect example of the type of weather you can find on the coast of California. The average temperature was around 57 degrees as a high with some dampness in the air throughout the week. Perfect weather to wear a Bomber Jacket.

First invented in the 1940’s the Bomber Jacket, also known as a Pilot Jacket, kept the fighter pilots warm while not impeding with their mobility. Like the earlier Bomber the S Logo Black outline floatingneed for mobility is an absolute necessity for a golf swing. The sleeves are made with flexible material in a raglan design, this means that the flexible material goes all the way up to the collar. The raglan sleeve design allows for warmth and flexibility all in one product. Being comfortable in the weather is the goal here and a fleece-backed shell which is wind and weather resistant will keep you warm and dry on and off the course. Making the Cypress Bomber an exceptionally stylish golf functional jacket.


Here in the Midwest having access to a jacket during the summer months is a must. This year alone I have wore a jacket more in June then I did in April. While we may not have the consistent weather patterns that they seem to have in the Bay area, it makes having an all season jacket like the Cypress Bomber that much more important.

Off the course the Cypress Bomber would look great with most anything, from a dressed down tee shirt or hoody to a little more business style, with a collared button down. The Cypress Bomber would be the ticket.


The Cypress Bomber is available in a couple options:


  • Colors: Stealth and Pacific
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Follow Link to State Apparels website:

Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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