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Nerd Book: Tournament Bag Goals 2020

Being a club junkie I have always had more then one set that I play around with. Most of my sets get mixed around a lot, but one bag stays consistent and that is my tournament bag. Because my lower back injury has cancelled by 2019 season I plan on having a very different setup for my tournament bag in 2020.


vesselThe Player 2.0 Stand bag by Vessel is available in a 6 way top or a 14 way top bag. It is made out of a microsuede backed synthetic leather which is known for its strength, heat endurabilty, and non fading. Personally I like these golf bags because they are clean, well manufactured, and well worth the money.

My goal by 2020 is to add to my collection the 14 way, navy and white color above, and my name embroidered on the pocket.


As most who get to know me I am a Mizuno nut and I have been since I was a kid. I actually have the setup already but have yet to be able to play it. The set makeup is 3 and 4 hybrid, 5-PW, and 50, 55, and 60 degree wedges. My irons are 2 up, std length, std grip with 2 wraps underneath and I have Project X 6.0 steel shafts. Mizuno golf balls have been around in Asia and Europe for a while and I am excited to finally get to play them. They utilize a technology called c dimple which reduces the drag on the golf ball.

While I have played many different brands I will always have a set or two of Mizunos.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe


A good friend of mine, Will Schneider, who is the Head Golf Professional at Harmony Landing in Louisville, Kentucky is excited that I finally like Titleist. It is hard not to like these woods though. They are very forgiving and man do they absolutely make the ball fly! The TS2 is the best for me as it allows me to put a low spin shaft in but gets the ball in the air. As for the TS2 fairway wood I would set it around 17 degrees to match the gap between my driver and my 3 hybrid.



While I have not changed putters in a very long time I believe it is time. I went through a fitting earlier in the spring prior to my injury, and I will after I am back to see what changes have been made because of my more upright stance. For now the Odyssey EXO Rosie putter at 37″, 2 up, and 3 degree loft is perfect for me and I was rolling in 20% more 5′ putts with this setup compared to my old putter.

Lamkin 13 Z5 Blue Midsize Grip Durable & Tacky – Free Grip Kit


Accessories can add flare to your set. Rose & Fire can absolutely add flare to your set. They make some really nice leather products, more then just the head-covers and scorecard holder that I have above. I love the old glory setup which matches the Vessel golf bag. Another great accessory is the Bubba Whips. These hickory stick alignment aids are very good looking in the bag and work great for alignment practice on the range. Last but not least, Bionic gloves were designed by a hand specialist. These are great for having the correct grip on the club and also last about 10 times longer then a normal golf glove. , , .

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Known as a golf junkie among his friends and family, Bryan Montgomery's passion for this game started at a young age which has blossomed into what is now a 10 year career in the golf industry. Part of the second class to graduate from Eastern Kentucky Universities PGA Golf Management program he has since worked as an assistant golf professional, customer service manager, director of club fitting and merchandise sales, and fitting specialist for Mizuno. Recently he started his own brand, Form Golf which focuses on the PGA Tour, NCAA Mens Golf, Science in golf, and a Nerd Book section. Please feel free to reach out to Bryan through Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy!

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