MOI – Heard of this? Pt 1

MOI – Heard of this?

Yet another buzz word utilized by the marketing departments of the club manufacturers. And in a way how they market MOI correctly; however, there is so much more to Moment of Inertia, MOI.

Moment of Inertia, in short, is the resistance to twisting. A physics definition: quantitative measure of the rotational inertial of a body. The best way to explain this is to first show a simple image:


Picture (a) shows a man with his arms outstretched while rotating on a bar stool. Whereas, picture (b)  the man has his arms close to his body while spinning on the bar stool. When his arms are closer to his body the man is able to rotate much faster because the MOI is lower then when his arms are outstretched.

What does this mean when it comes to club head design? The farther the weight (think perimeter weighting) of the club is from the center of gravity the more resistance to twisting the club head will have. In turn this is how designers create a more forgiving club head. MOI gets equated to distance, by those marketing departments, because when a club has a high MOI, and a golf ball makes contact off center, the ball will go farther then if it were to have made contact off center by a club with a lower MOI.

MOI will affect forgiveness which in turn will affect distance.

Tomorrow, part 2, we will take a look at the 3 different points were MOI is looked at when club designers are doing their thing.

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Published by Bryan Montgomery

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