Take Your Putting to the Next Level

Golf is all about getting a ball in the hole. Go from the tee, then the green, and finally into the hole. This means that ALL of your clubs are extremely important. How many of you have had a fitting, and yet I bet you never had a putter fitting?

I am not selling you on a new putter. However, by going through a proper fitting that utilizes technology, such as SAM Putt Lab, you may also learn how to make your putting stroke more effective.

CLUB CHAMPION TEST published by golf.com

A couple of years ago Club Champion did some research by utilizing 10 golfers with various handicaps, comparing their existing putters to a fitted putter. Each golfer hit 6 putts from 8′ with their current putter and then 6 putts from 8′ with a fitted putter. By utilizing SAM Putt Lab system here are the results:

  • current putter make % from 8′ – 33%
  • fitted putter make % from 8′ – 66%
  • Average 43% improvement with fitted putter
  • Average 82% improvement with fitted putter for high handicappers (10-18)
  • 90% of testers were playing the wrong loft, 70% of them had to much loft
  • 70% of the testers were playing improperly weighted putters
  • 50% of the testers were playing with the wrong head design


Putting is a mix of technique and feel. For many years, I personally have liked a milled face with a center shaft that has no offset. However, I would have never made the switch to center shaft without a session on a SAM system. What are the main components that fitters will take a look at:

  • length
  • weight
  • grip
  • loft
  • lie angle
  • toe hang
  • head shape
  • face material

Interestingly that if a putter is more rounded the golfer has a tendency to setup open, while with a squared back the same golfer will tend to sim more closed. With the data from the test earlier we know that 70% of the testers had too much loft on their putters. With too much loft the ball will have backspin and tend to move offline. Finally weight is one of the biggest missed parts when a fitting is done, since most stock putters come in around 350 grams. But where is the weight on your specific putter? And, does the golfer need counterbalance to keep the face square through impact?

These are things that cannot be evaluated by just picking a putter off the rack. I am a big proponent for being fit for every club. Do your homework and find the right fitter who has the right tools and the experience.

If you need help finding a good fitter feel free to contact me and I will direct you to someone in your area.

resources: practical-golf.com, golf.com, clubchampion.com, truespecgolf.com

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Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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