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2020 Preparation Now Begins

2020 preparation begins now!

Yes, it is still 2019; however, my back has decided to inform me that I will not be playing golf this year. The back is not going to keep me down. I have not posted in quite a while mostly because I did not like what my blog had become. So this is Form Golf 2.0 and I hope you like it.

For now on this blog is going to be more about my opinions and thoughts and not “a business page.” Because I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve my opinions will seem a little strong at times but it is all for fun. What is the biggest difference you will see on A LOT MORE GOLF INFO AND LESS BRANDING INFO! For years I was a golf instructor and have worked as a custom fitter for almost 10 years now. So I will be talking more about golf and less about brands. I will talk about brands that I personally think are cool — I do not get paid by them. The only company that I have a relationship with is Mizuno, and that is because I help my local rep here in Indiana, when my back is not crap. And yes I am a Mizuno homer!

Don’t take me seriously, I have done way too much of that over the past 10 years. Lets have some fun talking about this great game!

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