2020 Preparation Now Begins

2020 preparation begins now!

Yes, it is still 2019; however, my back has decided to inform me that I will not be playing golf this year. The back is not going to keep me down. I have not posted in quite a while mostly because I did not like what my blog had become. So this is Form Golf 2.0 and I hope you like it.

For now on this blog is going to be more about my opinions and thoughts and not “a business page.” Because I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve my opinions will seem a little strong at times but it is all for fun. What is the biggest difference you will see on form-golf.com? A LOT MORE GOLF INFO AND LESS BRANDING INFO! For years I was a golf instructor and have worked as a custom fitter for almost 10 years now. So I will be talking more about golf and less about brands. I will talk about brands that I personally think are cool — I do not get paid by them. The only company that I have a relationship with is Mizuno, and that is because I help my local rep here in Indiana, when my back is not crap. And yes I am a Mizuno homer!

Don’t take me seriously, I have done way too much of that over the past 10 years. Lets have some fun talking about this great game!

Published by Bryan Montgomery

My family is my life, and they are my reasoning for striving so hard to become a better person. Currently I operate two blogs, form-golf.com and bryansjourney4.health.blog . Form Golf combines my expertise of the golf industry and marketing while The Journey is about my struggle to learn about clean living and getting myself and family into a better dietary and fitness lifestyle. I graduated with a BBA in Marketing/ PGA Golf Management in 2011. This is where I learned how to research and many other things. I was a golf professional for close to 10 years and I am now a technical sales manager. My dream is to one day be a full time writer / marketer so that I can help those with whom I network. Stay tuned, connect, share, and comment as I JOURNEY with you on becoming healthier and more knowledgeable about life and golf.

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