Take Pride Golf

Marketing is expensive and getting your brand recognized is difficult. When utilized properly social media is a tool that a new brand can utilize with minimal cost to bring in recognition. Because I like to troll around and look for new businesses in the golf industry I found Take Pride Golf on Instagram in August of 2018.



Why should you follow and get to know TPG? If you are looking for some excitement from a golf instagram account, @takepridegolf is one of a few accounts that you absolutely must follow. Not only will you get to see some of the products that he has designed:

  • T-shirts
  • Polos
  • Towels
  • Golf Gloves

You will also get to see the insider events or people with whom TPG is hanging around. During the PGA Show he stayed at the Birdie Bundle House with some of the other up and coming companies in the industry.


Out of all the products that you will see on @takepridegolf, the one that you should start to recognize are the gloves. TPG has most definitely stepped up their game with the gloves and I am pretty sure that this trend will continue.


The future seems bright for TPG as he continues to expand his reach. And the products provided to continue to get better. For now contact TPG by directly messaging through Instagram: @takepridegolf. By following you will also get to be a part of the fun and updated on his new products that are coming out and soon the TPG website!

TPG: Look Good – Feel Good – Play Good

Picture Sources: @takepridegolf

Published by Bryan Montgomery

My family is my life, and they are my reasoning for striving so hard to become a better person. Currently I operate two blogs, form-golf.com and bryansjourney4.health.blog . Form Golf combines my expertise of the golf industry and marketing while The Journey is about my struggle to learn about clean living and getting myself and family into a better dietary and fitness lifestyle. I graduated with a BBA in Marketing/ PGA Golf Management in 2011. This is where I learned how to research and many other things. I was a golf professional for close to 10 years and I am now a technical sales manager. My dream is to one day be a full time writer / marketer so that I can help those with whom I network. Stay tuned, connect, share, and comment as I JOURNEY with you on becoming healthier and more knowledgeable about life and golf.

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