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#TBT: What’s First: Fitting or Lessons

Fit then lessons or lessons then fit? That depends on multiple variables:

  • If money is not an issue then I suggest being fit – lessons – fit.
  • For beginners I suggest getting fit before lessons as well. (keep reading)
  • Have existing clubs I suggest having them evaluated at the minimum then lessons – fit.

First thing you should always look at before getting fit: Does the fitter you are looking at going to understand the golf swing? The swing itself is going to dictate the different variables of your golf equipment. Examples: lie angle is dictated by where your hands are at during impact, not where they start (static measurement). Flex of a shaft and material of a shaft is dictated by more then just swing speed but also by your tempo and angle of attack.

I suggest that beginners get fit before lessons for one simple reason, practice makes permanent. Your subconscious is going to help you make contact with the ball and if the equipment is completely out of spec you are going to create some unnecessary bad habits.

A true fitter understands how the club can affect the swing and how the swing affects the club.

Published 7/26/18: Bryan Montgomery


Known as a golf junkie among his friends and family, Bryan Montgomery's passion for this game started at a young age which has blossomed into what is now a 10 year career in the golf industry. Part of the second class to graduate from Eastern Kentucky Universities PGA Golf Management program he has since worked as an assistant golf professional, customer service manager, director of club fitting and merchandise sales, and fitting specialist for Mizuno. Recently he started his own brand, Form Golf which focuses on the PGA Tour, NCAA Mens Golf, Science in golf, and a Nerd Book section. Please feel free to reach out to Bryan through Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy!

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