Wacky Wednesday: Golf Cart World Records




On May 30, 2013 Mike’s Golf Carts rolled out with the Worlds Longest Golf Cart. While I have never seen this thing in person, it seems to be quite the machine.

Mike’s Golf Carts is located in Perry, Georgia and is known for doing custom work on their EZ GO Carts, especially for the Mercer University Athletic Department.

Their record setter measured in at 9.62 Metres (31′ 6″).



The World’s Fastest Golf Cart was recorded at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, South Carolina on October 31, 2014.

The “Bandit” was driven by Robby Steen on its way to a record speed of 118.76mph.  I wonder what the idling speed was on that thing?

That is it for today’s entry in Wacky Wednesday. Look for some more wacky records and golf story’s next week.

Sources: guinessworldrecords.com, mikesgolfcarts.com


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