Mash’Em Monday: 1st Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Mash’EM Monday, where we will focus on ….. that’s right the long ball!

Yes, I grew up as a kid in the John Daly era. So bomb and gauge is how I have played pretty much my entire life. With my restructure of this blog site I decided to focus one day a week on the long ball. Hope you look forward to reading about the how, what, who, and why of the long ball. So without further pomp and circumstance:


Congratulations goes out to the machine that is Justin Rose. It is exciting to see a ball striker as good as Rose, who had been haunted by his putter for many year, playing so well. He is no slouch in the distance department either, as he averaged 309.8 yds ( off the tee. The distance king at Torrey Pines was Rory McIlroy, with an average of 317.5 yds. Rory finished T5 at Torrey Pines this past weekend which keeps him in the top 10 in world rankings.


What’s a long drive blog without involving the WLD tour? Look forward to much more about the long drive tour and the players involved over the next couple months.

north america schedule

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!



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