Don’t Let Your Ego Choose Your Equipment

“Those blades look absolutely amazing!”

If I got paid every time I have heard that I would be a very rich man. Of course I would have to pay a good friend of mine all of that and more for the amount of times I have said this exact thing.

Who better to tell you to leave the ego at the door when choosing your equipment then someone who has had to learn first hand.

Players irons are fantastic looking clubs and yet for most golfers you should never touch them. And it is not that most golfers are not consistent — terrible word — because most of you are consistent, just not at hitting the center of the club face. That is where the disadvantage comes into play with your clubs.

Sweet Spot = No loss of yardage

1/4″ off = -10% in yardage

1/2″ off = -20% in yardage

3/4″ off = -30% in yardage

What does this mean for most golfers who do not hit it on the sweet spot? 

Have you ever hit an iron so flush that the ball went 20 yards further than you “normal” yardage? Guess what — your body moved the same, the path of the club was more then likely the same, your swing speed did not pick up — you hit the center of the sweet spot of the club. Clubs that have a little more metal backing them, “game improvement clubs”,  have more bounce on them even on the mishits. So on a normal day you are consistently mishitting the sweet spot and then every once in a while you see what that extra 20% gives you when your ball waves at the green as it sails into the creek!

PGA Tour Players playing blades 2011: 30%

PGA Tour Players playing blades 2018: 10%

Forged clubs, which are the clubs that most of your better players prefer, are moving into the forgiving category. Among others that is one variable that has created the drop in blades on the PGA Tour. Brands such as Mizuno, Miura, PXG, Titleist, Callaway, Srixon and Epon have taken forged clubs to new heights by designing good looking, technologically advanced, forgiving forged irons.

My beautiful MP 18’s are about to be office ornaments and replaced by the fantastic and looking and forgiving JPX 919 Forged irons. There might be some hybrids in there as well but tell no one.

Don’t let your ego destroy your golf game. Get fit by a proper fitter and maximize your abilities with the best technology possible.


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