Oregon is a beautiful state and forgotten by many of us on the east coast. Bradley Putters is helping all of us know more about the Grant Pass, Oregon area. These amazingly beautiful wooden putters are the brain child of Bradley Converse. Hope to one day meet Bradley and his group one day at their facilities in Oregon.

Bradley Putters are not only beautiful they are also technologically advanced. Starting with their process of adding a hardener which replaces the air pockets in the wood. By replacing the air in the wood, the density is increased by 50%, which allows the putter to be unaffected by the elements. I would imagine Oregon would be a great place to test the elements.

How do these putters feel? “When a putter strikes the ball, it creates an impulse shock that distills into the natural frequencies inherent within the head. Those oscillations excite the air, producing sound, and travel up the shaft, translating into “feel”.” These putters have a fantastic soft feel that one would come to expect from a high-end putter.

Like most companies that you will see here on Form Golf, Bradley Putters provide an amazing experience behind their product once you decide to purchase a Bradley Putter you will go through these steps:

–        Work directly with Bradley via phone or email

–        Bradley will guide you through the designing process from the block of wood, style of putter, shaft and more.

–        Packages can include ball marker, repair tool and embroidered head cover

–        Updates on the process of your putter

The entire process will take up to 4 – 6 weeks to finish. To learn more about Bradley Putters visit their website: .

Bradley Converse

“Every putter we make is handmade, it’s made with love, there’s a story built into it,” he said “That’s what makes our putters unique, that’s what makes them special, that’s why people want a Bradley Putter. Every time they go on a course, and someone asks about this putter, they’re telling that story.” Behind the Process. Jake Garcia, June 28,2018


Published by Bryan Montgomery

My family is my life, and they are my reasoning for striving so hard to become a better person. Currently I operate two blogs, and . Form Golf combines my expertise of the golf industry and marketing while The Journey is about my struggle to learn about clean living and getting myself and family into a better dietary and fitness lifestyle. I graduated with a BBA in Marketing/ PGA Golf Management in 2011. This is where I learned how to research and many other things. I was a golf professional for close to 10 years and I am now a technical sales manager. My dream is to one day be a full time writer / marketer so that I can help those with whom I network. Stay tuned, connect, share, and comment as I JOURNEY with you on becoming healthier and more knowledgeable about life and golf.

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