PXG: The Genius in the Room

” I got to thinking,” Parsons says, “suppose I started a company that would spend whatever it takes to make a good club, and wouldn’t release a new product unless it significantly outperformed whatever’s on the market.” –Markham Heid, Mens Health – The Billionaire Behind GoDaddy Is Making Some of the World’s Most Expensive Golf Clubs

When I first heard the rumors in 2014 that the owner of GoDaddy was picking off engineers from major OEM companies to start a new company I was honestly surprised. At the same time one of the largest brands in the world, Nike, was getting out o the game, Taylormade was looking for a suitor to purchase them, and many others were downsizing their operations. Now in 2018 I am excited about what PXG has done to the golf business.

PXG is succeeding were many others have failed. They are not a premium boutique brand such as Miura and Epon, which is what I imagined PXG being. However, they are not your run of the mill OEM  brand either as you are not going to just pick up a set of these bad boys off the rack. And this is where I get excited as a fitter who has seen many issues over the years. To purchase a new set of PXG clubs you schedule a fitting with a PXG Master Fitter. This means that someone who has experience and is trained to maximize your ability with equipment is going to be there to guide your purchase.

PXGfitIt is not just the fitting that makes me excited about the business model that Dr. Bob Parsons is showing us, it is the pricing as well. Personally I like the pricing because of what it has done for the industry. There used to be three pricing levels for clubs: high, mid-level, and low cost. For years the prices were jumbled up and there wasn’t much difference between brands. This meant that every marketing team, for every brand, was going after the same audience. PXG has changed this by placing themselves in a new pricing scale and major OEM’s are moving prices upward as well. Yes I know most will say it had nothing to do with PXG, but I bet it did just a little!

I could go on talking about different aspects of PXG’s business model I like, but I will save that for another day. Very few people could pull off what Dr. Bob Parsons has done with PXG, and I hope he continues to shake up the industry, it needs it!


Sources: pxg.com, mensjournal.com

Pictures: pxg.com, google image search

Published: 7/26/18 Bryan Montgomery

Published by Bryan Montgomery

Marketing is My Game | Golf is My Passion | Family is My Life I enjoy reading and writing when I am not doing any of my other many activities of life. This is my outlet to talk about the game I care for so much, golf has been with me since I was a young child. And yet I continue to learn new things everyday. Hopefully I can entertain and bring some of my passion for the game for others. - Bryan -

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