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New Peter Millar Store & Key Plantation Golf Club

I am looking forward to my trip to Destin, Florida in October. My favorite thing that I am looking forward to is seeing the faces of my two little ones when they see the ocean. This will be the first time for my little man and I doubt that my daughter remembers her first time at the ocean. This is trip is going to be a blast.

As a golf fan I am excited as well because I am going to go check out the new Peter Millar store in Sandestin by Miramar Beach.  Peter Millar has been a brand that I have liked for quite some time. They have some fantastic golf apparel including their ridiculously light featherweight polo line. Along side all the nice dress attire and golf attire they also have your dress down attire and swim wear. Can’t wait to see what I add to my collection in when I get down there.


Of course I am going to play golf while I am down there and I can not wait. It has been a very long time since I played golf in Florida. My hope is that Key Plantation Golf Club is as nice looking in real life as it is online. Also hope my game is up to the task. Where I live most of the time if you hook the ball or blast it out to the right you are going to find trees, doesn’t look like the case there as there seems to be a ton of water. Can not wait to see this course.



Published: 7/26/18 Bryan Montgomery


Known as a golf junkie among his friends and family, Bryan Montgomery's passion for this game started at a young age which has blossomed into what is now a 10 year career in the golf industry. Part of the second class to graduate from Eastern Kentucky Universities PGA Golf Management program he has since worked as an assistant golf professional, customer service manager, director of club fitting and merchandise sales, and fitting specialist for Mizuno. Recently he started his own brand, Form Golf which focuses on the PGA Tour, NCAA Mens Golf, Science in golf, and a Nerd Book section. Please feel free to reach out to Bryan through Twitter or Instagram. Enjoy!

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