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We are here to get you into FORM on the course. Our focus is on bringing you the best advice, content, and products that will help you enjoy this wonderful game. Our services include:

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With over thousands of lessons and custom fittings conducted, Bryan Montgomery is here to help. If you are interested in learning more about Bryan, check him out here: History.

Whether you live near Bedford, Indiana or not we are here to help, in person or virtually.

I believe that we are all capable of reaching new heights with the proper guidance and support. As a coach my objective is to explain why you are having the issues you are seeing and directing you in the right direction to remedy.

I will be posting and talking about drills and tips these are designed to be utilized more than once and sometimes in a particular order. Focus on the journey and the enjoyment of the challenge and lessons that golf brings us all.

Lets start your next journey: Instruction

Golf Reviews

My passion and obsession with golf equipment and the brands that provide them is well known by those who have met me or have read some of my past articles. It is time to share with you reviews of the equipment and services I have had the opportunity to try. My focus is to provide you with objective reviews on products or services that you might have never heard about or that you have never had the opportunity to try.

Any of the products that I review that were provided to me for free or I am affiliated with will be noted. In complete transparency I am well known as a complete Mizuno homer, and I have been for most of my life. So, yes you will see them on occasion. 😉

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Bryan Montgomery has been helping golfers play better for over 10 years.




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